You can overwrite spam filtering in the OOPSpam WordPress plugin using the oopspam_check_for_spam filter and return a score based on your own logic.

In some cases where you can use it:

  • Allow and block certain IPs
  • Allow and block certain emails
  • Block based on some keywords
  • and more.

In your theme’s functions.php page or anywhere else, add the following code:

add_filter('oopspam_check_for_spam', 'mycustom_spam_check', 10, 3);
function mycustom_spam_check($message, $ip, $email) {
    // Your custom logic
    // Return 0 for ham/not spam or 6 for spam.
    return 6;

The returned value can be any value from 0 to 6. We recommend keeping it simple and returning 0 for not spam, and 6 for spam entries.